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I'm new here...

Welcome to St John's West Hendon!  We are an active, inclusive Christian church in North West London, just a few moments walk from Hendon Thameslink. Please take a good look around our site to find out something about us.

We'll be really pleased to see you at any of our services or events. Please consider introducing yourself to any of the priests on duty and, of course, to anyone else. We would love to meet you!

We're delighted you are with us (or thinking of coming along).  We hope it may be for a good long time, but we know that some people find it helpful to journey with us only for a while, as part of a wider exploration. We're just glad to have you with us for as long as that turns out to be.

If you are finding it difficult to find your footing or discover what's going on do please get in touch with any of the ministry team. 

Please join our mailing list and you will be contacted about events aimed at recent joiners. 


Want to talk about ways of getting more involved?

We have various ways in which people take on particular roles.  These include: 

  • helping within the liturgy (intercessors, servers, readers)

  • offering care and support to members of our community - what we call pastoral care

  • sharing in staffing the tea and coffee each Sunday and helping with hospitality in other ways

  • being 'sidespeople' - those who welcome visitors to services and hand out orders of service

  • gardening: we have a great garden space that needs work!

  • and all sorts of other things!

Please email: Roy to discuss further. We would love to hear from you:

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